Lips Legal Membership:

Our Lips Legal membership programme exists to provide benefits for those firms who like to use us on a regular basis.

 Benefits of Lips Legal Membership:

  • Member firms will be able to attend all live Lips Legal web seminars at significantly discounted rates.
  • Member firms will be able to purchase recordings of past events that they might have missed at a discounted rate.
  • Members can have connections for other offices at a 50% discount off the already reduced member’s rate. (These must be booked at time of reservation).
  • Many Lips Legal speakers will be available to present ‘in house face to face’ seminars. Member firms, will get discounted rates off if booked through Lips Legal.


Contact the Lips Legal office for details of current rates. Special rates are available for small firms/sole practitioners.

Always contact the Lips Legal office to discuss Membership.